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Price per minute of audio/video
Standard Price Gold Member
4 day turnaround £0.92 £0.80
3 day turnaround £1.10 £0.95
2 day turnaround £1.70 £1.12
1 day turnaround £2.50 £1.95
5 hour turnaround £3.20 £2.80
Minimum charge £2.99 £1.99
Optional extras
Standard Price Gold Member
Verbatim +£0.15/min +£0.10/min
Timestamps +£0.15/min +£0.10/min

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  • All rates are per minute of audio/video in the file supplied
  • The minimum price applies to any quote where the per minute rate is lower than the minimum price
  • Files supplied need to be in a valid audio or video format
  • Turnaround times are provided on a best endevours basis. If we are unable to achieve a transcription within the turnaround time the service will be billed at the next applicable rate
  • Turnaround time is counted from the time that audio/video files are submitted to us until the time that we provide an invoice for services rendered and an excerpt of the work done
  • Full transcripts will only be provided after payment in full